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Asphalt Parking Lots

Parking Lot Services

Here at NB Brentwood Asphalt Paving, we are committed to your asphalt project before, during, and after it is completed. We are focused on the vitality and safety of your pavement, especially after installation. Parking lots are an important part of a business’s appearance and the safety of its customers. We offer services from parking lot installation to repairs, to striping at NB Brentwood Asphalt Paving.

Parking Lot Installation

There is no project too big or too small for NB Brentwood Asphalt Paving. For proper installation of your parking lot, you need a superior team of professionals with years of experience and high-quality machinery. Below is our process to provide the best results for your parking lot.

Step 1: Preparation

The installation begins by preparing and marking out the area to be paved. This involves finding the best contractor for the project, making sure all the correct permits are arranged and bringing the right utility companies to come and mark where their lines are buried. This will guarantee it is safe before the next part of the process begins.

Step 2: Surface Milling (If Needed)

In order to ensure the integrity of your pavement, it is important to remove any existing asphalt down to the subgrade layer. If asphalt is overlayed on top of damaged pavement or a soft surface, it will erode the new asphalt in as little as a few months. The existing cracks or blemishes will begin to split through the new asphalt in a process known as “reflective cracking”. Cracks will begin to reflect back through an overlay at a rate of about 1 inch per year. Once the old asphalt is removed, the subgrade is inspected for any flaws or weak areas.

Step 3: Grading and Base Materials

This is the most important part of the installation process and where it is necessary to hire the right contractor. There are no do-overs when it comes to the subbase layer, it is crucial to get this done correctly the first time. We prefer to use recycled aggregate for this layer since it is sustainable and eco-friendly. The subbase must be constantly monitored and analyzed throughout the installation to ensure it is properly compacted. The pitch will also be evaluated during the installation to guarantee proper water run-off. This is critical for your parking lot.

Step 4: Pouring New Asphalt

The time has come to install the new asphalt! Hot mix asphalt is ordered and brought in from the local plant by a dump truck to the sight. The hot mix is then transferred to an asphalt paving machine. Our asphalt paving machines install asphalt in passes that range from 8-20 feet. We closely monitor the pouring process for a consistent, even surface and proper slope for water drainage.

Step 5: Compaction

Compaction is the final step of the asphalt installation process. The surface of the new asphalt is compacted using a range of 3-to-10-ton vibratory asphalt rollers.

Step 6: Pavement Striping

To complete your project, we provide top-notch pavement marking/striping. This is an essential part of the project since it will be the first thing your customers or clients will see at your business. However, parking lot striping is much more than appearance, it is a crucial part of the function of your space. A professional striping job creates an attractive surface that is organized to give your customers, visitors, or guests a great impression. It is also used to direct traffic in a way that is safe for people and strategic for your pavement to avoid unnecessary wear. If you are creating a commercial parking lot, we will make sure to comply with state and federal regulations with regard to safety and accessibility. This will keep you from facing costly fines and lawsuits. We know you have invested a significant amount into your pavement project, and we want to protect your investment by adhering to a thorough and detailed process for all aspects of the job. 

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