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Asphalt Repairs

What are Asphalt Repairs and Why are They Important?

Asphalt is unique and often utilized because of its durability and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, in order to properly protect your pavement and investment, it is necessary to provide timely maintenance to your asphalt. This will add to the life of your pavement as well as work preventatively against expensive repairs.

Here in Brentwood, Tennessee, when you perform asphalt repair at an earlier time, it will limit more costly repairs later. Although, if you are thinking pothole repair and patchwork are all the maintenance you need, you would be mistaken. These repairs are only a part of the maintenance process. Sealcoating your pavement with an asphalt pavement sealer is key to maintaining the longevity of your asphalt. This will actively help prevent the damaging effects of oxidation from UV sunlight, rain, and petroleum by-products seeping from road vehicles. Not only is asphalt sealcoating essential to the life of your pavement, but it is also what preserves the fresh, black appearance of the asphalt.

The result of asphalt that is not properly maintained is that the pavement begins to turn a light grey color instead of staying a deep black. This color distortion is caused by oxidation from weather conditions such as sunlight and moisture damage. The necessary fortitude, vitality, and moldability of the asphalt are compromised due to the sun drying out the oils, tar, and bitumen. Once the surface of the asphalt is oxidized, the corrosion of the pavement begins to make way for cracks. The main source of asphalt failure is moisture seeping through the surface which softens and thus weakens the subgrade below the asphalt.

It is crucial that you address the degradation of asphalt pavement right away so that it doesn’t become more severe. This looks like sunken and uneven pavement, buckling, deepened cracks, and potholes. If the subgrade has disintegrated to this level, the cost of repairs is much more expensive.

Types of Repairs

Patchwork and Pothole Repair

We remove damaged asphalt down to a specific level and pour in a new hot mix

Crack Sealing and Repair

Depending on the type of crack we will either fill the cracks with a crack-sealing mix or patch the cracks if it is deep enough.


A proper sealcoat should be applied within 12 months of installation and every 2-4 years preceding.

Asphalt Overlay

This is a cost-effective alternative to totally replacing your asphalt. We will install a new 1.5-2 inch layer of asphalt directly on-top of the old layer.

Edge Milling

This involves the milling of the edges of your asphalt in contact with other surfaces to prevent water damage from being trapped between the surfaces.

Water Damage Pothole
Water Damage and Severe Pothole
Cracking Asphalt
Cracked, Discolored, and Eroding Driveway
Alligator Crack in the Road
Alligator Crack in the Road

Large Crack Asphalt

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